Mar 14, 2012

Liza Minnelli

I have no reason for posting this, other than it is absolutely amazing. This is an 18-year-old Liza Minnelli, singing and dancing and flinging herself all over stage on her mother's television show, in 1963.

My favorite moment is when she's hoisted up on the men's shoulders and screams out, "Smile!" like a newborn baby chick squawking for a worm. Not a flattering image, I know, but that's what it looks like.

I have so much fondness for Liza Minnelli and whatever it is that she embodies -- glamour and cheesy decadence, camp theatrics, sexy neurotic megalomania, overdoses and instability, boas and lipstick and fishnets and rhinestones (what became drag queen culture, basically)... and most of all, pure old-school showbiz. But I'm also the kind of person who insists that the hyperbolics, hysterics, and hydraulics of musical theatre are actually great emotional communicators and can make for an enriching entertainment experience.

I really miss the New York that used to be defined by Liza Minnelli; and along with her Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, all those other performers who operated on this glittering delusional basis.
Maybe it only exists in my imagination...

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