Aug 10, 2011


A hipster is a non-entity.

You cannot truly be a hipster, you can only look like one and act like one in the hopes of attaining the ideal state of HIPSTERDOM... which is like a state of near-death... the absolute edge of irony hanging over the messy cesspool of passion. A hipster acts as if he/she is above everything and disillusioned about everything society has to offer, even his/her own style; however, that style is maintained meticulously. And also however, a hipster has interests -- they need something to feel superior about, so they cultivate their artistic interests accordingly.

It's not about the clothes they wear, the bands they like, the books they read, the quantity of smoke in their systems... because of course, as per the tyranny of irony, a hipster will only tell you the opposite of the things he/she likes. Their Facebook likes will run something like, "Justin Beiber, Twilight, Bill Cosby, 120 Days of Sodom...", and they will intentionally misspell status updates. The state of hipsterdom (almost indescribable... it's so easy to accuse someone of because it has never really been defined) is about that tension created by emotional distance between themselves and everything else, held with ironic veneer and a sexy dead gaze. It's pop Dada.

In case you can't tell, I don't like hipsters. It really hasn't been defined yet; at least I don't feel like anyone can agree on what exactly constitutes a hipster. Hipsters are so self-effacing and love to fuck with lines of meaning anyway, so I think that the impossibility of a definition ever being established is pretty assured. It is definitely a recognizable aesthetic (a cross between scene & art-geek & sickly bedroom kid), and has become an innate cultural understanding among this generation.

Alright, I've been doing a little more YouTube immersion research (just search "what is a hipster" -- it's a tidal wave). I don't think I'm going to be emerging from the morass anytime soon. I'll leave you with a random comment quote from one of the videos:

"hipsters come in many shapes and forms, but a hipster isn't a hipster if they say they are a's all part of being a hipster hahahaha" -- mybeautifulrescue21 (posted 8 months ago, 64 likes)

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  1. Plus, PBR, really?
    I've met a few hipsters who have worthwhile identities on their own but it's just like the Tea Partiers glancing at their reflections in the Styx.
    This is a beautiful blog. Thanks for making this.